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Bachelorette Bash

Written by Justin Cartledge & Amy Clayton

August 19th - 24th, 2024

The Space on the Mile, Edinburgh Fringe - 9:15pm

Directed by Amy Clayton

'Til death us do party! Before her single life ends, Sally just wants to hang with her friends, but who the f*ck is the sheep? And why is it hunting them?! Sally's wedding looks on hold as the girls turn cold. They're not goin’ down ‘til the sun comes up, but just who will it come up for? A puerile, comedy-horror to leave your common sense at the door with. Grab a weapon (cock straws don't count). This will be one hell of a Bachelorette Bash!

Complete Draft 5.jpg


HELEN - Nicole Campbell-Booth

BARBARA - Julie Salter

SALLY - Rachel Johnson

ERIN - Laura-Leigh O'Donoghue

LAURIE - Richard Orchard-Rowe

MEG - Amy Clayton

MARK - Justin Cartledge

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