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Heaven Can Wait

By Harry Segall

March 2nd - 4th, 2017

Performed at The Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford

Directed by Amy Clayton

Mr. Jordan is checking the passengers who are to depart for the Hereafter. His routine is interrupted by the arrival of Joe Pendleton, an attractive prize-fighter who refuses to admit he is dead. He induces Jordan to look up the "records" which reveal that Joe is not scheduled to arrive for another 60 years! But, as Joe starts to return to earth to continue his fighting, word reaches Heaven that Max Lavene (Joe's manager) thinking he had been killed, had Joe's body cremated, and Joe has no body to return to. Jordan promises to find Joe another body... but to what conclusion?



JOE PENDLETON - Lionel Bishop

THE ANGEL - Ben Martins

MR JORDAN - Darren Matthews

MRS FARNSWORTH - Laura-Leigh Newton

TONY ABBOTT - Matt Jones

BETTE LOGAN - Amy Clayton

MAX LAVENE - Justin Cartledge

WILLIAMS- Ray Johnson

MRS AMES - Julie Salter

SUSIE - Jen Bell

1st ESCORT/DOCTOR - Alan Thorley

2nd ESCORT/LEFTY - Neil Grey

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